enter the seen (2002)

Miguel Gutierrez’s first evening-length piece, enter the seen, investigates the concept of personal territory: how we carve it out, how we share it, how we cede it. Performed in Miguel Gutierrez’s loft, enter the seen allows the intimacies of the dancing body to be experienced at close range and from a variety of visual perspectives. The piece begins when the dancers invade the space held by the audience who are observing Fritz Welch’s multi-media installation. Through the use of surround sound, Jaime Fennelly’s live electronic score volleys through the space, defying aural expectations. In what would be the first of many collaborations with Gutierrez, lighting designer Lenore Doxsee creates an evocative environment with fluorescents, christmas lights and a pair of halogen lights.The performers play with proximity, by either disrupting or maintaining the distance between themselves and the audience, provoking questions about who has entered and who is seen.

Performed by Anna Azrieli, Michelle Boule, Abby Crain, Tarek Halaby
Music Composed and Performed Live by Jaime Fennelly
Lighting by Lenore Doxsee
Visual Design by Fritz Welch
Costumes by Sarah Bancroft

Duration: 60 minutes