Over the course of 2000-2001 I made a series of short duets that I grouped together in a piece called "tandemonium." I think I was interested in making the dance equivalent of a "one man show" where you do a bunch of characters. Look at all the different versions of me I can show you! Originally I was going to make a whole evening of these duets but I lost momentum after these four and eventually changed direction to make a very different kind of piece (enter the seen).
This recording is from a run at Avant Garde O Rama at PS 122 in March of 2001.

The four duets are:

Aerobicon, with Howie Rigberg. Music: "Deceptacon" by Le Tigre (Fun fact: I made this piece with Howie, Le Tigre found out about it, recorded it so that it became the music video for this song, and it went viral on YouTube and a bunch of people made copycat videos!)

After John (starting at 6:33), with Anna Azrieli

It's time for another one of those crazy talking dances (starting at 7:41), with Sarah Michelson

Careen (starting at 16:19), with Michelle Boulé