created and performed by Miguel Gutierrez
with Alex Rodabaugh
music by Slowdive and Karin Dreijer Andersson
costume by Miguel Gutierrez
Age & Beauty Part 1 editing by Chris Tyler
Miguel's performance videography by Character Generators
FUCKMEGUNTERBRUSBRUSGUNTERMEFUCK was performed July 31, August 4, 5, 6 2015 at Mumok in Vienna.

this performance was recorded on August 5, 2015 by Svetlomir Slavchev Pavlov's Dogs Media

credits for Jeremy Wade's video
performance and text by Jeremy Wade
music by Mark Lohr
video shot by Tori Lawrence at Ponderosa in Stolzenhagen, Germany

In 2015 I was asked by ImPulsTanz to make a performance in response to the Regarding Actionism exhibit at Mumok in Vienna. I had been hoping instead to show Age & Beauty Part 1 at the festival (still am), so this was a bit frustrating. I wrote a monologue regarding my frustrations and interspersed it with performance bits from previous shows of mine to create a juxtaposition between my work and Gunter Brüs'. In the gallery where we performed the piece I turned off all of the videos except for Gunter Brüs'. I asked Alex Rodabaugh to participate and throughout the monologue he created a live collage with videos of my previous works and other internet imagery including bondage porn. Given that the piece was about the politics and economics of what is seen and not seen in a festival context, I asked my friend and colleague Jeremy Wade, whose work has never been seen at ImPulsTanz, to make a video of himself performing and that ends the piece.

To read the monologue, click here
And here's the video!

background pic by Miguel Gutierrez